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Because space belongs to everyone

Orbits are a unique and limited resource that needs to be protected. We provide real-time traffic mapping and unparalleled support for all who share the use of orbits.

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Cleaning Space starts with

Exhaustive Traffic Mapping

Localize space objects across all orbits with high accuracy. 

Share my space offers free access to data to space cleaners and students.

Why has Space Surveillance become an Emergency ?

Romain Lucken, CEO

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What we do

Share My Space enables Safety and Sustainability in Space Operations.

In order to limit the proliferation of debris and improve safety, it is necessary to maintain a catalog that is as complete as possible.

Share My Space's MTOS station concept is technologically innovative and represents a promising solution to improve Europe's ability to observe and catalog the space debris population.

Lionel Suchet, Deputy Director-General, CNES (French Space Agency)
share my space

A set of services to optimize and secure Space Operations

Bespoke, real-time solutions for unparalleled support to satellite services actors.

Satellite Operations Solutions

Space has never been this congested. Save time and get peace of mind with reliable and up-to-date data:

  • Automate collision risk management
  • Optimize your objectives and resources
  • Avoid the worst: a catastrophic collision in orbit
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Orbital Object Surveillance

Get insight on what's really going on in space.

  • Collect independent and certified space surveillance data
  • Detect abnormal behavior in real time
  • Secure your critical infrastructure
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Access to Space

Become a Newspace Leader

  • Maintain standing in a changing regulatory environment
  • Step out with a proactive Social and Environmental Responsibility policy
  • Identify the best offers for satellite insurance solutions
  • Train your technical and commercial teams with the right tools
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Share My Space is funded by the European Union

The European Innovation Council is Europe’s flagship innovation programme, it has partnered up with Share My Space to scale up its breakthrough technology.


We will be participating in the Paris Space Week

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Share My Space is now part of GIFAS

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On-Demand Tracking DATA

Your real-time Space Data in one click with our 24/7 operational tasking Experts.