Orbital Object Mapping


Unique Technology Breakthrough.

The only passive Space Surveillance system with a global sky coverage.

What it does

Share My Space multi-telescope observation stations are a modular optical system that enables the detection, tracking and characterization of all space objects in sight, across all orbits. Thanks to powerful embedded processing algorithms, it is scanning the sky permanently. 

How it works

Our system is made of 4 passive telescopes, that are located at the same observation site and rotate synchronously. Their rotation rate is coordinated with the transit time of objects in the field of view to ensure that all space objects are detected, even at low altitudes down to 300km. Each telescope has its own remote-controlled mount, which means that the 4 telescopes can also be controlled independently to track and further characterize specific objects.

The monitoring patterns can be modified all through the night to capture objects in the most effective manner. Accurate preliminary orbits are obtained using only a couple of images captured a few seconds from each other. We leverage this data to yield accurate orbit estimates and detect maneuvers. 

What makes the Telescope Station a Breakthrough Technology ?

Alexis Petit, CTO

Orbital Object Mapping

Our multi-source catalogue provides daily orbital data on a set of space objects, including measurements, preliminary orbits, fitted orbits, and potential orbital manoeuvre detection. Our catalogue also includes information such as the visible magnitude and the spinning rate of some objects. As the number of stations and the size of the telescopes increase, the size of our catalogue does too.

Images from our Telescopes :

On-Demand TRACKING Data

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