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Each month Share My Space's team attends a handful of events covering several topics: Space Situational Awareness, space sustainability, geopolitics of outer space, defence capabilities, European cooperation, deep tech, etc.

Here's a few upcoming events where you might catch our team.

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11-20 April
Space Symposium 2023

Colorado Springs, United States

26 - 27 April
Military Space Situational Awareness

London, UK

03-05 May
CNEs international workshop on conjunction assessment

Paris, France

19 - 25 June
Paris Air Show

Paris, France

16 June

Passionate about space, he holds various degrees, including a PhD in Control Engineering. He has extensive experience in orbital mechanics and software development, acquired both in the public and private sectors in France and internationally. Over the years, he has collaborated with major governmental agencies, research institutes and industrial actors, in particular on space surveillance and tracking.

Paris Air Forum

Paris, France

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