November 7, 2023
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Zero Debris Charter is live

We are excited to announce the release of the Zero Debris Charter by ESA, a pivotal achievement in fostering space sustainability and safety. Our team played an active role in the drafting of this charter, working with the European industry to build a more sustainable space future.  

Crafted by the global space community, this charter aims to shape a worldwide consensus on space sustainability by uniting a diverse range of space entities. Together, we have defined ambitious and measurable targets for mitigating and remediating space debris by 2030.

Share My Space is proud to be a part of the Zero Debris Charter community. We recognize that SSA plays a crucial role in tracking and managing space debris, ensuring the safety of critical space assets.

Check the Zero Debris Charter right here.

Let's unite for a safer and sustainable space environment!

Photo credit: Orbital Today