October 5, 2022
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Share My Space a game changer in SSA

How can Share My Space be a game changer for governments in space situation awareness? Three critical components were highlighted by Romain Lucken, CEO of Share My Space, during the 'Space for EU Resilience and Autonomy’  panel at the 2022 European Space Week. 


1. Innovation is in our DNA, by thinking out of the box to design practical solutions we constantly challenge the status quo in space surveillance technologies.


2. Public-private partnerships. With companies like Share My Space, European strategic autonomy and sovereignty are not funded only by the taxpayer but mainly by the private sector and by export contracts. 


3. Speed. In 2 years, we’ve developed a new system, deployed 2 optical stations, developed new commercial services with customers across 6 different countries. Our team has grown from 4 to 20 people, this pace is only possible in a small organization with a strong focus on execution.

Photo by Maxime Jambon