November 14, 2022
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Multinational space sustainability dialogue

The  5th edition of the Paris Peace Forum  has come to an end; find out more about Share My Space involvement!

On November 11, Share My Space had the pleasure of participating in the Space High-end Dialogue Series 2022 between American, European and Chinese actors. Organised by the Chinese Society of Astronautics, Caelus Foundation, and Secure World Foundation, the benefits and sustainable challenges presented by satellite constellations were discussed.

While Share My Space recognizes the inherent benefits of constellations, especially in bridging the connectivity gap between populations,  both environmental and space safety concerns must be voiced. Bringing awareness to this urgent matter through dialogue with foreign counterparts is essential. We hope to keep this multinational initiative going!

The following day, our CEO Romain Lucken was invited to a collision risk mitigation roundtable. Share My Space emphasised the lack of coordination between actors operating in orbit, especially in relation to risk apprehension.

To finish, we also attended a panel on tackling the space debris emergency; an insightful initiative on how public and private partnerships are crucial to achieve space sustainability.

Thank you to all debate participants, Share My Space truly enjoyed exchanging ideas.