September 15, 2023
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MIRALU's Innovative Approach to Space Navigation

In a rapidly changing space environment, Share My Space is committed to significantly reducing the expenses associated with space monitoring while making its advanced products and services accessible to the global space community.

At the heart of Project MIRALU lies a primary objective: the development of a telescope specialized in tracking space debris, specifically designed to counter the growing threat it poses to activities in low Earth orbit.

MIRALU's mission revolves around breaking down the financial barriers associated with such technology.

It seeks to achieve this by pioneering innovative approaches to telescope design, harnessing state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing technologies.

The project's ultimate aim is to provide cost-effective solutions for enhanced space surveillance.

This forward-looking initiative not only addresses the pressing need for safer and more sustainable space operations but also charts a course towards a future where space debris ceases to be an escalating threat and becomes a manageable concern.

This project was financed by the French government as part of France 2030.
Funded by the European Union - Next Generation EU as part of the France Relance plan.