February 28, 2023
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Airbus x Share My Space

Airbus calls upon Share My Space’s innovative technology to improve spacesafety

February 2023 – Share My Space, the French space surveillance and operations safety startup has signed a contract with Airbus Defence and Space. Through this contract, Airbus will assess the ability of Share My Space’s optical data to improve collision alert's reliability and overall risk management practice in LEO.

The growing accumulation of old satellites, rocket stages, and fragments from explosions and collisionscan cause significant damage to operational satellites, potentially rendering them inoperable and creatingeven more space debris. In order to adapt the protection of its space assets to the highly evolutive andunpredictable traffic context in low earth orbit (LEO), satellite operators are constantly compelled toexplore new ways to manage and scale operations. By dispensing insight into object trajectories, Share My Space offers guidance on manoeuvre decision-making, thus helping to lower collision probability andimproving risk management.

Beyond collision avoidance, Share My Space’s data enables operators to detect manoeuvres and refineunderstanding of satellites’ behaviour which is critical to guarantee the conduct of safe space operations.By complementing American and European public alert services with its independent data, Share My Space offers an additional safety net to satellite operators.

This innovative initiative with Airbus comes at an eventful moment in the space industry. As the issuebecomes more widely recognised, national and international efforts to address the problem are startingto emerge. In February 2022, The European Commission released the EU approach for Space TrafficManagement (STM). At a domestic level, France has also formulated a desire to update its spaceoperations regulation.

Share My Space provides value-added services that reinforce spacecraft operations and missions' safety.Its dynamic mapping of operational satellites and debris is refreshed thanks to its unique measurementstaken by its state-of-the-art network-operated optical technology. The “newspace” startup aims tobecome a leader in the space surveillance industry by reaching 100 000 space objects tracked in thecoming years, significantly improving access to data worldwide.

Airbus Defence and Space develops and manufactures state-of-the-art defence and space products that boast unparalleled reliability. Governments and institutions use its defence and space technologies toprotect natural resources, the community and individual freedom. Aircraft, satellites and services can beused to monitor climate change and arable land, as well as for border protection purposes. Airbus Defenceand Space’s portfolio ensures communication, mobility and the furthering of knowledge, as well asenvironmental protection.

“At Airbus we take the threat of space debris very seriously – and so we are always looking for differentways and innovative technologies to improve Space Safety. The capability developed by Share My Space is promising and we are more than happy to discover their innovations!” said Philippe Pham, head of EarthObservation and Science at Airbus Defence and Space.

“We definitely need to continuously strive to explore new technologies, new solutions, new players andproposals. Even when using our own solutions built on our proven capabilities and competencies, ouroverarching objective remains to thoroughly explore, test, and implement all improvements and solutionsthat can contribute to ensuring the maximum possible safety in orbit.”

Romain Lucken, CEO and co-founder of Share My Space, stated: “Airbus has challenged us on our abilityto deliver an end-to-end solution for space operations safety based on our ground network of sensors. We are proud to deliver this service that showcases our know-how all along the Space SituationalAwareness (SSA) value chain.”

Image credit : IANS