Share My Space contribution to EUSST

On October 5th, the European Space Surveillance and Tracking (EUSST) organized its 3rd webinar dedicated to the advancement of its R&D programs. The EUSST team, and their partners from the industry (Airbus Defence and Space, Fraunhofer FHR, GMV, Indra, OHB, SAFRAN and Share My Space), took turns to showcase their research.

The EU SST Cooperation put in place an ambitious Research and Development (R&D) plan consisting of a set of hardware and software R&D activities. It strongly involves industry, academia and start-ups in the development of research activities, with some 80% of the investments allocated through subcontracts.

Romain Lucken, CTO of Share My Space, presented the advancement of the R&D study dedicated to Autonomous collision risk management. The study is performed in coordination with Observatoire de Paris and Quasar. The 3 main axis of this research are :

Characterization of secondary objects : To get more information about secondary satellites in case of collision alerts, Share My Space has developed a maneuver detection alogrithm : MANEXT

Screening optimization : Today, Share My Space performs conjunction assesment for about 500 satellites against the whole 25 000 objects public database (1 vs all). This part of the research focuses on estimating the total amount of close approaches between all the objects of the catalogue (all vs all)

The ultimate aim of this study will be to create a simulator for ground-based automation of the collision avoidance process.

You can access the full presentation here


In June 2021, our presentation of MANEXT (developed in the scope of this EUSST R&D study) and its future military applications won the NATO Inovation Challenge dedicated to Space Domain Awareness in Lisbon. It emphasized how maneuver detection was a very precious feature to assess and understand the space situation, and more specifically to detect hostile maneuvers from rival Nations satellites. Find out more about this award here