Share My Space raises 1M� in first funding round

Share My Space, the french New Space start-up founded by Damien GIOLITO, CEO, and Romain LUCKEN, CTO, just announced the successful closing of its first fundraising round for circa 1M Euros.

The start-up is set to establish the first "google maps" for space, charting more than 100,000 pieces of space debris deemed dangerous for active satellites.

The investors pool includes Le Club Tiresias, Cinto Capital, Ava Capital, Cleante Investissements and M. Charles BEIGBEDER, founding president of Gravitation, Audacia, Quantonation and Bourrienne Paris X.

This operation allows Share My Space to "consolidate its technological lead and accelerate its commercial expansion" said Damien GIOLITO, CEO of Share My Space, after the officialization of the fundraising round.