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Share My Space - Optical Space observation

The picture above shows the passage of SPACEBEE-9, a 1U #nanosatellite (10cm*10cm*10cm) orbiting at an altitude of 396km.

The observation was performed with our FR-OBP telescope a few weeks ago. The blue cross is the predicted satellite position at the beginning of the exposure time and the red cross is the position at the end (800ms later). The redline is the actual detected light streak of the object.

Today, 10cm is the lower limit of tracked objects in Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) in the US Air Force catalogue. Share My Space performed this observation with a simple RASA 14" telescope. With our new generation of optical sensors (MTOS), we will break the barrier and detect and track unknown space debris as small 5cm and build the first 100 000 orbital objects catalogue.

Fun Fact: Detecting a 10cm object from a distance of 400km is the equivalent of seeing a grain of sand from 1km.