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Share My Space and Vyoma enter into an agreement to provide Space Surveillance Services

Paris, 19th January 2022, Share My Space (HQ Paris, France) and Vyoma (HQ Darmstadt, Germany) announce a partnership for their advanced space surveillance services, formalized in Bremen, 23rd November 2021. Both are market leaders in the Space Situational Awareness Domain. This partnership will include the Service Provision of Data Tracking as well as long-term partnership for European Markets. The companies are joining forces to provide game-changing technologies to catalogue space objects, from ground and from space.

2021 is already a record-breaking year for the number of satellite launches expected to be 1600, which is 25% more than the previous record-breaking year of 2020. An increasingly congested space represents a major risk for the safety of operations and the long-term sustainability of the space environment. As the threat caused by space debris proliferation increases, new solutions are urgently required for supporting space navigation with an unprecedented level of accuracy to avoid new orbital collisions, loss of satellites and orbit pollution.

Download the full press release HERE