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Share My Space New Top Management Organisation

2021 was a full year, with both hurdles as well as important landmarks for Share My Space and for the industry. Share My Space has been witnessing a skyrocket development and our management team is evolving to get ready for the next growth stage.

The new organization of the management team of Share My Space has been agreed upon, with: Romain Lucken, Damien Giolito, and Alexis Petit.

This new organization is an answer to the growth and the upcoming challenges of the company. It also highlights a more customer-oriented mindset at strategic level.

  • Romain Lucken
  • « My responsibility will be to secure long term trust-based relationship with key customers and investors to sustain the growth of the company.»

  • Damien Giolito
  • « I am so proud of what the team has achieved so far, and I am personally committed to make Share My Space a global leader in the space safety market.»

  • Alexis Petit
  • « Day after day, I am impressed by the talent and the dedication of our engineers. My job will be to make sure that the technical milestones are met on schedule.»

    One of the main challenges to come will be the deployment of the first Multi-Telescope Observation Station (MTOS) in 2022/2023 to enhance the proprietary space object catalogue of Share My Space.