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Share My Space and CONTEC partner to increase Space Safety

Download the full press release HERE

Luxembourg, 8th December 2021, Share My Space (HQ Paris, France) and CONTEC (HQ Daejeon, South Korea) announced a partnership for their advanced ground-based services. Both companies are market leaders, in new space, within highly demanded domains, such as Space Situational Awareness and Ground Communication Services.

This partnership will include the joint development of infrastructures as well as integrated services to their global operators. By providing more complete and sustainable solutions to operate satellites, this collaboration will reduce risks and add value to their missions.

2021 is already a record-breaking year, for its number of satellite launches expected to be 1600, which is 25% higher than what was observed in 2020. An increasingly congested space represents a major risk for the safety of operations and the long-term sustainability of the space environment. With the threat caused by space debris proliferation, new solutions are urgently required for space navigation support with an unprecedented level of accuracy to avoid new orbital collisions, satellites losses and orbit pollution.

Both companies are committed to contribute to the long-term sustainability of the Space environment.

Romain Lucken, CTO and co-founder of Share My Space quoted « This partnership will accelerate the global market development of Share My Space and the deployment of our Multi-Telescope Observation Stations Network in 2022 »

CONTEC CEO, Dr. Sunghee Lee, CEO quoted:« We want to deliver turn-key solutions for an operator to manage its satellite fleet. Therefore, the Safety & Collision Avoidance is a necessary addition to turn it into a full set of integrated services. »

Download the full press release HERE