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Space Surveillance & Tracking - Iris and Cosmos 2522

If you are an astronomy addict, this post is for you! Our space observation team is always ’looking at stars’. Our optical sensors caught a clear picture of the beautiful Iris nebula. Also, in this image you can see the streak of the Defence Russian satellite COSMOS 2522, also known as GLONASS.

Iris and Cosmos are one of the thousands of space objects we survey and track daily to ensure space safety for all Space Actors.

The Iris Nebula (NGC 7023 and LBN487) is a bright reflection nebula. The object itself is composed by an open star cluster within the larger reflection nebula. The Iris Nebula is in the constellation Cepheus. It's at 1,300 light years from Earth.

Cosmos 2522 is a Russian military satellite part of the GLONASS satellite navigation system. It was launched in September 2017, from northern Russia. It is at 25,000 km in MEO (Medium Earth Orbit).

Our SST capacities and intelligence team have enabled us to build a competitive range of solutions to ensure that Satellites and constellations navigate safely in orbit, fulfilling their mission. We have a range of solutions, allowing private satellite operators, governments, space agencies, research institutes and the defence to protect their space assets by preventing catastrophic collisions from happening.

Share My Space is also committed in expanding its SST capabilities. Therefore we are deploying a network of Telescopes to track every object over 5cm in Low-Earth Orbit (LEO), and build the largest catalogue of #spacedebris.