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PRESS RELEASE : Net Zero Space Initiative

Download the full press release HERE

As part of Paris Peace Forum 4th edition, Share My Space is joining the Net Zero Space initiative and co-signed the Net Zero Space Declaration. This initiative is gathering stakeholders from all over the world committed to ensuring sustainable use of outer space by 2030.

Since its incorporation in 2017, Share My Space has developed innovative technologies in the field of space debris detection and autonomous satellite navigation, with the ambition of building a database of 150 000 space objects as small as 2cm using telescope stations. Combined with its automated maneuvers technologies, this will highly reduce the risk of a catastrophic orbital collision.


Share My Space is participating to the Paris Peace Forum to advocate for a decentralized capacity-building approach to Space Situational Awareness. Today, space surveillance is very patchy and relies almost exclusively on US Air Force radar observations. Supporting the development of Space Surveillance infrastructure around the globe, by private companies, space agencies and the military, especially in emerging space powers, is a critical step towards a safe and sustainable democratization of space activities, and the implementation of Space Traffic Management.

« Solving the issue of space debris and space sustainability has three dimensions: technological innovation, regulation, and commitment to best practices. At Share My Space, we aim to play an active role on all of these aspects » commented Romain Lucken, CTO and co-founder of Share My Space during a panel this morning dedicated to the future of space surveillance.

Download the full press release HERE