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Discover INDEMN Advanced, the Orbital Congestion simulator

INDEMN Advanced, the ultimate orbital congestion simulator, is now available.

INDEMN is an evolutionary model developed by Share My Space to calculate the long term density of space debris (up to 50 years) based on current satellite launches. It is particularly adapted for constellation design since it gives the user control on several parameters of the orbital environment that are not accessible through other tools.

INDEMN Advanced is a SaaS cloud computing solution hosted on Share My Space servers, accessible from any device with an internet access, through an user friendly web interface. This simulation tool was validated with ESA finest Monte-Carlo codes and its first version results were published in Acta Astronautica in 2019 . Based on advanced statistical physics models, INDEMN runs at very low computational cost, allowing the quick testing of different scenarios during satellite design.


This tool enables you to assess long-term collision risk for your space assets and boosts your mission design to avoid collisions from happening. By optimizing mission design, you enable a safer satellite or constellation deployment.

With INDEMN, you can :
- Monitor the evolution of Space population, satellite deployments and space debris density evolution.
- Visualize the predicted crowding of orbits with satellites and debris.
- Simulate a constellation deployment and assess the probability of collision with space debris over time
- Choose the right altitudes and inclination plans to reduce the environmental impact of a constellation
- Simulate and measure how collision risk mitigation solutions, such as de-orbiting and avoidance maneuvers, will lower collision riskand environmental impact

In parallel, our team can also provide you with a Debris Mitigation Plan for your mission and prepare a customized Risk Analysis. Ensuring an optimal and safer mission design becomes easier with INDEMN, for satellite operators, manufacturers, launchers, insurers and insurance brokers.

You can try the basic version of INDEMN on our website, or contact our sales team to request a demo of INDEMN Advanced using