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Share My Space at Volterra Fietta Space Sustainability webinar

Volterra Fietta third space law webinar this afternoon will bring to the stage a crucial discussion around the main Space Sustainability and Space Situational Awareness issues. You can register to the webinar HERE

The increasing concern regarding the amount of Space debris orbiting the Earth, calls for the urgency to protect the outer space environment. The last few years have seen an exponential growth of space junk caused by the increase in the demand for satellites and space activities. The fast escalation of the Space population raises several questions for Space Actors in domains such as sustainability, liability, regulation, and spacecraft insurance concerns.

Complex technical, regulatory, and legal issues are arising from the growth of Space population focusing on the impact caused by space debris. With this context Greenspace gains a different importance and Space actors must act now.

Romain Lucken, our Co-founder and CTO, will unveil this afternoon, at Volterra Fietta third space law webinar, the main challenges Space actors are facing and the solutions that the industry has developed to tackle those challenges.

Romain Lucken is an expert in numerical modelling and simulation for complex physical systems and holds a PhD in Plasma Physics from Paris-Saclay University. After workeing at Airbus Defence & Space and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Romain co-founded Share My Space in 2017.