Our amazing team

Our leadership team is comprised of industry leaders and domain experts, bringing decades of cumulative insight and experience to our company.

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Romain Lucken

CEO & Co-Founder

Romain holds a PhD in Plasma Physics from Paris-Saclay University and is also an engineer from École Polytechnique, one of the leading scientific institutions in France. Initially trained in risk management for nuclear reactors, his time at JAXA and AIRBUS fuelled his passion for outer space. Co-Founder and former CTO of the company, Romain coordinates the strategy and bridges it with global execution.

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Damien Giolito

COO & Co-Founder

Damien is a civil Engineer, a professional pilot, an inventor, and entrepreneur. He spent 15 years as head manager on building construction sites before becoming the director of the aerial survey company IMAO for 10 years. He invented the largest aerial digital camera in the world. Deeply involved in environmental issues, Damien co-founded Share My Space and was formerly the company CEO. He drives the optical technology deployment and the vision of Share My Space as a whole.

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Alexis Petit


Alexis graduated with a PhD in Orbital Dynamics from Namur University (Belgium). He performed post-doctoral research at the Paris Observatory and the “Nello Carrara” Institute of Applied Physics of Florence on orbit propagation codes and automated collision avoidance systems for large satellite constellations. Alexis leads the celestial mechanics and astronomical activities of Share My Space.

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Francois Maziere

Commercial Director

After graduating with an Industrial Engineering degree, François has worked 12 years at Airbus DS UK & Germany in managing large satellite projects, development & procurement. Since then, he has been leading Sales & Business Development for Space SMEs in Europe. He is certified from Project Manager & Black Belt. François is responsible for customer relationship and sales strategy.

Supported by experts from the industry

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Philippe Boissat

Senior Business Advisor with more than 30 years experience in Aerospace industry


Who are we

Share My Space is a French New Space startup founded in 2017 after Damien and Romain won one of the first startup weekends dedicated to space. Today, we are the only independent private company in Europe with a holistic offering in the Space Situational Awareness domain. Our activities include the detection of objects in orbit, their cataloging, the real-time update of the catalog, and advanced data processing. We are 10 people with various backgrounds ranging from astronomy to full-stack development and industrial project management, and we are all committed to enable the future of human kind in outer space.

Pioneering New Space Surveillance

Only 3% of orbital objects are tracked. More than 8,500 tons of space debris are orbiting the Earth, resulting in a dangerous environment for satellites to navigate in. Only 20,000 pieces of debris are currently referenced by a single information source: the US Air Force. We are pioneering new observation technology with our telescopes, to enable wide coverage and cataloguing of these risks.

Our goal

At Share My Space, our goal is to help space actors address and reduce collision risks, by providing a tailored service line for each of our customers. These services are based on our independent detection capability and our recognized data fusion know-how which combines advanced orbital mechanics and machine learning. Share My Space aims to track 100,000 objects by 2023, providing an alternative and independent source of information.

Our values

We believe that we have an active role to play in promoting guidelines and best practices for a sustainable use of space. As a leading actor of the Greenspace, we work hard every day to limit and ultimately reduce the impact of Human activities on the orbital environment. Through our services, our customers can avoid useless maneuvers, save precious fuel, and therefore increase the lifespan of their satellites and reduce their environmental footprint.