Who we are

Share My Space is a French startup founded in 2017. We are the only independent private company in Europe with a holistic offering in the Space Situational Awareness domain. Our activities include the detection of objects in orbit, their cataloging, the real-time update of this catalog, and a wide range of data processing capabilities.


After 60 years of space activity, global reports show a dramatic increase of debris population on coveted earth orbits. More than 8,500 tons of space debris are orbiting the earth, resulting in a dangerous environment for satellites to navigate in. Among these several million pieces of dangerous orbiting objects, some 3,000 active satellites are serving vital purposes for human life on earth. Only 20,000 debris are currently referenced by a single information source: the US Air Force. Share My Space aims to track 100,000 objects by 2023, providing an alternative and independent source.

Our goal

At share my space, our goal is to help space actors address and reduce collision risks, by providing a tailored service line for each of our customers. These services are based on our independent and proprietary catalog that will ultimately contain 200,000 space objects, combined our data fusion algorithm.

Our values

We believe that we have an active role to play in promoting guidelines and services for a sustainable use of space. As a leading company in the Space sustainability industry, we work hard every day to limit and ultimately reduce the impact of Human activities on the orbital environment. Through our services, our customers can avoid useless maneuvers, save precious fuel, and therefore increase the lifespan of their satellites, globally reducing the number of launches.